China Dreaming

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China, two thousand years of unique culture.  A land in tumultuous transition.  Hundreds of millions of people on the move. Entire cities rising and falling in fast motion.  Tens of thousands of new universities, tens of thousands new doctors, engineers, philosophers and accountants.  After 3 months in Berlin studying documentary film making, a month in Greece and the Greek isles, diving in the south of Thailand and a boat, bus, train and plane trip with a month stop in George Town Malaysia, I stopped in Kuala Lumpur to apply for a Chinese visa.  They refused my request stating that my passport was far too tattered and beat up to be considered.


The next day I flew to Banda Aceh, Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia.  After an amazing month mostly spent diving on Palua Weh Island, I flew to Bangkok Thailand and reapplied for my Chinese Visa. This time through an agency and I was successful. I flew to Guilin Provence, famous for its small upside-down ice cream cone-shaped little mountains and the Yijiang (Yee) River that flows through.

I enrolled at the Long Tou Shan Tai Chi Martial Arts School outside the picturesque village of Yangshuo about an hour south of Guilin City. During the month that I studied Tai Chi at Long Tou, I had a few opportunities to float the Yijiang river (Yee river) and spend some time in Yangshuo.

- Guilin

- Yangshuo Town

A very popular town for Chinese holiday makers.

- Tai Chi School

Tai Chi School

Room with a view-

Each morning the fog would come in and the sunrise would slowly clear the valley below.

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