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Indonesia has more than 8500 inhabited islands and 127 active volcanoes. I have spent time on the islands of Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Papua, and Bali. Over 70% of all the earth’s ocean species are found in Indonesia and the diving is pristine and invigorating.

I have never met more genuine, friendly, and considerate people in all my years traveling our planet than I did in Aceh, Sumatra Indonesia. It was an honor, I will return.


I flew into the capital, Banda Aceh from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Aceh lays on the northern-most tip of Sumatra and of Indonesia. After a week in Banda, I headed to Palau Weh, a small island even further north. From the ferry terminal, I took a motorcycle taxi to a quiet village where I walked along the coast on a small path hewn into the mountainous coastline and rented a wooden hut on stilts overlooking the vast panorama of the Andaman Sea.

The dive boat would tie up at the small resorts dock in the mornings, and as always in Asia, I rented a motorbike (scooter) and soon began touring around the island.


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- Bubble Addict - Dive Shop

After a week I went to a very small village on Gapang Beach where all the serious divers stayed.

A French man and his Japanese wife run a little dive shop there called ‘Bubble Addict’. I became great friends with all the staff and other divers. Here are just a few photos and then a video to give you the feel for it. Check out their website for a better look.



There are really three parts to Bali. The thronging beaches of Denpasar in the south full of partying Aussie s, the north’s quiet beaches and coastline villages where the active volcano lies (there were two earthquakes while I was on the island and the volcano began to smoke two days after my motorbike ride around the base).

Then there is the mountainous interior where the town of Ubud lies, a real hangout for what used to be ‘hippies’, however the new ‘hippies’ are mostly on the world backpack scene, have dreadlocks, eat vegetarian food and practice yoga. Very cool.